More attacks on the Fountain Estate

Firstly I would like to apologise for the cessation of blogging on this site.

Recently the Fountain Estate has become the target of yet more attacks, giving apparent proof to those who claim Republicans in the city are not prepared to tolerate their few remaining Protestant neighbours. With the Cityside having seen 97% (12,000 to 15,000) of Protestants flee in the last forty years it appears the remaining 250- 500 people in the Fountain Estate will continue to be targeted.

Recent weeks have seen a number of attacks and allegations of the City Centre becoming a 'no go' zone for Protestants. The Londonderry Sentinel published a story on Wednesday in which young people claim they are no longer able 'to go the short distance from the estate to the town, without continual verbal and physical harassment'. Other incidents covered in the article were an attack on the estate by one hundred nationalist youths and the targeting of a taxi driver from the Waterside (perhaps that area shall soon be attacked in the same manner as the Fountain).

Prior to this there was a spate of petrol bombings (both thrown in too and thrown from the estate). Sinn Fein blamed the hostilities on the residents of the Fountain Estate and have alleged that people from that area altered the H - Block memorial, which many Fountain Residents see as offensive. This was strenuously denied by the people of the Fountain but they became the scapegoats none the less.

With hostilities apparently continuing lets hope history's worrying trend of the national and international media remaining hushed about the fate of Protestants in the Cityside does not persist.

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